Standard Training Course


This course is for experienced forklift operators only.

Courses are available on your site 7 days per week, 24 hours per day for group bookings, or each week at our premises for individuals:

Standard Training Course
Auckland: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday & Fridays

Start times are discussed with each client for their convenience. Courses held at your premises would involve using your equipment for the practical part of the course. All we would need for the theory is a suitable room with power.

Course details are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Video presentation
  • Quiz on video contents
  • Theory test parts 1 & 2 (written)Test results
  • Pre-operation checks
  • Driving Test
  • Summary

Our standard course theory covers the following equipment:

  • Ride on Counter balance Forklifts
  • Reach Trucks
  • Battery electric units
  • Internal Combustion units
  • Walk behind units
  • Powered Pallet Trucks
  • Hand Pallet Trucks
  • Stock pickers
  • Order Pickers
  • Container Handling Equipment
  • Turret Machines
  • and many more…..

The practical assessment is done only on the equipment the trainee is authorised to drive, and once deemed competent, each unit assessed on is listed on the trainees certificate.

Duration of the course may vary depending on class size with a maximum class size of 10 trainees per course. The theory part of the course takes approx 4½ hours, the practical driving test approx 15-20 mins per person per machine, and a summary of approx ½ hour.

Only competent drivers are issued with a certificate.

Our DOL (OSH) approved certificates include a standard size Certificate, as well as a Personal ID Licence Card. (Includes photo ID on both certificates) In the event your company obtains a different forklift, we would come on site to assess your staff for competency then add the new forklift to their Current NFT Certificates free of charge.

Certificates must be renewed every three years.Our courses have the complete backing of Competenz and exceeds the New Zealand Department of Labour requirements.

Additional equipment may be added to any current National Forklift Training certificate at any stage within the 3 year period.  A practical assessment on that equipment would be required in order for this equipment to be added.

Please Note:  We run our “standard” course for both renewals and new (but experienced) operators, however we do offer a reduced rate for renewals of our National Forklift Training certificates)

WINZ Quotations can be provided on request.  Please contact our office with your details and the details of your WINZ branch and case manager.