Beginner Course

This course is for those who have had little or no experience on a Forklift and wish to obtain a Beginners Certificate for either Ride on Counterbalance or Reach Truck Forklifts.

Beginners CourseThe course is done over two days and consists of the following:

Part One:

A supervised practical training session with one of our trainers for approximately 2 hours held on a Tuesday.  Timeslots for Part 1 (subject to availability) are 8.00am / 10.30am / 1.00pm. It is preferable for Beginners to learn on the Ride on Counterbalance Forklift to start with, and once competent they can book in for further training on the Reach Truck if required.

Part Two:

The trainee would then attend our standard DOL(OSH) full day training course held at our premises on either the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday following their practical training.

Part Two Standard DOL (OSH) Course details are as follows:

  • Introduction Video presentation
  • Quiz on video contents Theory test parts 1 & 2 (written)
  • Test results
  • Pre-operation checks
  • Practical Driving Assessment
  • Summary

The practical assessment is done only on the equipment the trainee has been trained to drive, and once deemed competent, each unit assessed on is listed on the trainees certificate.

Other equipment may be added to the certificate any time within 3 years from the date of issue, at a small additional cost.

Duration of Day Two may vary depending on class size, but generally takes approximately 6-7 hours.

Competent Beginner course trainees are issued with a “Beginners Certificate” which includes a standard size Certificate, as well as a Personal ID Licence Card. (Includes photo ID on both certificates).

If more practice is required we can do this on an hourly basis.

Our courses have the complete backing of Competenz, and exceed the New Zealand Department of Labour requirements.


WINZ Quotations can be provided on request.  Please contact our office with your details and the details of your WINZ branch and case manager.